Career Opportunity in 3D Animation and Multimedia

These days it is unusual to see Children keep in touch with mythological stories or characters which in our generation were thought as a lesson of prime importance; this could be attributed to the rise of a new dimension in entertainment called animation. This is a world of amazing graphics, special effects and exotic technologies that mesh and converge to create unbelievable real and virtual experiences. It’s a world that beckons creative minds to unleash their influence.

Animation is the art of conceiving an act by drawing inanimate characters or objects, which are made suitable for filming. It has recently become a very high paying profession and also its requirement of niche skills and inventive thinking has attracted people who have the ability to think out of the box. With the expanding world of Media, demands for animators also seem to be on the rise as every medium of communication use animation in one way or the other. The special effects, extraordinary graphics and the multi dimensional approach are sweeping everyone around the world of their feet. A lot of creative people are choosing the Animation and Multimedia field and going home with a fat pay cheque.

Multimedia is the means of putting together graphics, art etc to convey a message to a certain type of audience in an appealing manner. Therefore, just being creative would not be enough and you need to be technically competent and being a good artist would act as a great catalyst to get a dream job in animation and multimedia.

Many new age Hollywood movies have shown that Animation is the one of the most sought after means of entertainment and 3 dimensional films have become the flavor of the season, these movies use technology that could be applied only by animation and multimedia professionals therefore there is a surge in the skill needs of budding multimedia professionals.

Animation is also sought after in the music industry as we see more artists make videos which contain animated affects blended with live action etc. The animation and multimedia industry is said to reach 1530 billion this year and it continues to surge, the backbone of the industry are all the bright young minds who have chosen this field as their career, this is a chance for every young inventive mind to be a part of a movement which is moving only upwards.

There are many courses being offered in animation and multim

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HTML 5 In WEB Design – New Graphic and Multimedia Elements

The primary goal of HTML 5 was to introduce a consistent error handling process. HTML allows the ability to write malformed code and have it corrected afterwards into a valid document. There is an issue with the rules not being written down anywhere. At the moment the malformed document has to be tested in different browsers and then corrected, otherwise they will not display correctly. HTML 5 is trying to address the problem and codify this error handling. This standardization will reduce time and money spent on displaying web pages elements consistently.

The second aim was to allow browsers to serve almost as an application platform. Many elements previously handled by Flash or Java Script were now added into HTML code. They introduced a way of dealing with images, multimedia content and more.

1. Figures and Captions

There has always been an option to add descriptive elements of text next to the image. However, it was impossible to connect both elements semantically, so that browsers and web readers could understand the connection. HTML 5 solves the problem by adding two elements:

1.1 The figure element, which allows correctly identify the images to which captions are connected. The element is not limited to images only, but can be used for any figures, such as tables or graphs; even parts of text can be designated as a figure.


Name of the image.

1.2 The figcaption element, which is used to add a text caption to the element previously designated as a figure

Name of the image.

Text to be displayed.

After these two elements have been added to HTML code, they can be customized in style sheets.

2. Multimedia options

There are five new elements in HTML designed specifically to handle multimedia files, which used to create problems for website designers, a there wasn’t a clear method for including such files.

2.1 The audio and video elements – enable to insert audio and video files as easily as images in HTML.


The two attributes used here should be displayed by default. The file should be preloaded even before the user presses play button. There are plenty attributes that allow to customized media further, but we are not going to mention them here.

2.2 The source element – apart from identification of source of video or audio file with the src attribute, HTML5 gives an option to embed multiple related sources. This solves the problem of different browsers supporting different types of audio and video files as several different types can be embedded at once.


The type attribute allows the browser to choose the file to play without downloading the entire source file. This is important as even though the embedding methods have been regulated, the actual encoding methods are still to be standardized.

2.3 The track element – is a text explanation of the media content. The reason for that is to make it accessible for users that are not able to see or hear the content.


src="subtitles-english.vtt" srclang="en"

default label="English subtitles">

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